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Kyrie Irving not currently talking to the Cavs

The Cavaliers can’t get their star point guard to talk with them. Uh oh.

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2017 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted an introductory press conference featuring Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman, where they insisted that the franchise was not broken. That may well be the case, but according to Jason Lloyd, their relationship with Kyrie Irving might be.

Therein lies at least one huge difference between now and 2010: James is still helping to recruit players to Cleveland. He was instrumental in swaying Derrick Rose and Jeff Green in recent weeks. He was unreachable during the summer of 2010, something Irving is now. The Cavs have unsuccessfully tried to contact Irving, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told The Athletic, but he is not talking to anyone from the organization.

It’s obviously good that James is staying involved, though it’s not the same as 2010, when he was already a free agent. He’s still under contract. It makes sense he’d try to make the team as good as he could.

Irving, on the other hand, is, well, bad. There’s been quite a bit of noise from the media wondering why the Cavaliers integral parts haven’t gotten together for a pow-wow to figure this thing out, and this could be a pretty major stumbling block. It’s hard to get guys in a room when you can’t even get one of the involved parties on the phone.

This continues to look more and more like an inevitable divorce, and once everything is all said and done, it’ll be fascinating to hear why this thing soured quite so fast