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NBA Trade Rumors: Kyrie Irving wants to join the Knicks “very badly”

Irving reportedly wants to be in the Big Apple above his other top choice.

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

When it was reported that Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland, a list of his preferred destinations was leaked as well. One of the teams was the New York Knicks. Now, per comments on ESPN from Pablo Torre, it seems that Irving’s top choice is New York.

"Kyrie Irving very badly wants to be a New York Knick. Kyrie Irving wants to come home,” Torre said.

Here are Torre’s full comments:

The Knicks would a homecoming of sorts, as he’s from New Jersey. And were he go to the Knicks, it would represent an opportunity from to him to play on a big stage and step out of a LeBron James shadow at the same time. And were he to end up in New York, he would join a team where he’d play alongside Kristaps Porzingis and, if he’s still on the team, Carmelo Anthony.

But it’s hard to see the Cavs doing a deal with the Knicks. Unless New York is willing to deal Porzingis for Irving, the Knicks don’t have the young talent the Cavs want in return for Irving. Perhaps a three-team deal where a team can send the Cavs what they want and the Knicks could send rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina and picks out could work.

This, though, serves as a reminder that Irving doesn’t have any direct control over where he ends up. He may want to be a Knick. And he, and his agent, can posture behind the scenes to make it happen. But the Cavs won’t be inclined to do any deal that won’t net them what they want in return. That makes it unlikely Irving ends up where he wants.