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Chauncey Billups turns down Cavaliers front office job

Chauncey Billups will not be a member of the Cavaliers organization.

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Well, Chauncey Billups was offered a five-year deal to run the Cleveland Cavaliers over 10 days ago and up until today, still had not accepted the gig. As Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports, they don’t have to wait anymore. He ain’t comin’.

It’s hard to paint this any other way than a complete and total disaster for the Cavaliers. They allowed one of the most successful GMs in the league to walk, and then only interviewed one person who had absolutely zero front office experience for the open job, waited for an answer all the way through the NBA Draft and Free Agency and then were rebuked.

It says something very poor about Dan Gilbert’s ability to run a stable operation when he not only is completely unable or unwilling to retain GMs whether they are successful or not, but not able to create a culture healthy enough that a man with literally no experience still knows better than to say yes.

The Cavaliers are certainly bereft of major assets to improve and yes, LeBron’s potential exodus is looming. Those kinds of things make a GM loathe to take a job where they don’t have a ton of options and will get a ton of blame if things go wrong.

I know one GM that seemed up to the task.

The Cavaliers let him walk out the door.