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Udonis Haslem is on the Cavaliers radar

Apparently the Cavaliers need more veteran leadership?

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers have had a quiet run through free agency, re-signing Kyle Korver and adding Jose Calderon to play backup point guard. Tim Reynolds of the Associate Press is reporting that they’ve got their eye on yet another wily veteran.

This is, erm, confusing. The Cavaliers already employ one of LeBron’s former teammates that exists purely for the locker room culture in James Jones.

Udonis Haslem only played in 16 games last year and averaged 8.1 minutes in those games. He was once one of the more effective role players in the league, but a 13-year career has left him as more of a figurehead in the Miami Heat organization than an effective player.

The Cavaliers have already signed a player who has almost nothing left in the tank in Jose Calderon to be their primary backup point guard for some reason, and to sniff around Haslem makes even less sense other than to vaguely make LeBron happy.

Luckily, Haslem wants to stay in Miami, so he likely will. Hopefully the Cavaliers can’t convince him to do otherwise.