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What to watch for: Cavs face the Rockets in NBA Summer League Action

What to pay attention to in Cavs/Rockets

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Cavaliers (1-0) tip off their second summer league tilt tonight in Las Vegas, taking on the Houston Rockets (1-0). This game will air at 10 EST on ESPNU and the Watch ESPN app.

Cavs to Watch

Andrew White

I’m stumping hard for White because I would love for the Cavs to have even just one young athletic wing on the roster, and let’s see what happens from there. He was avolume three point shooter in his last two college seasons at Nebraska and Syracuse, and seems ideal for the NBA game. Him working out for this team would be big.

Kay Felder

How will he deal with length at the rim today? The never ending story with Felder carries on. He struggled in game one, and needs to bounce back in game two. Summer League isn’t incredibly indicative of a whole, good or bad, save for one thing: High usage players that struggle at Summer League never seem to last long the NBA. A second bad game in a row here as a second year player with pro and G-League experience under his belt would be troubling.

Edy Tavares

The Cavs STILL don’t have a backup at the Center position, and there is a chance Tavares slides in there.

Roosevelt Jones

Jones was one of the best players on the floor in game one, and bears some attention. Like usual, the odds of anyone from this team making the pro roster are slim, but he has some game.

Casey Prather

Prather flashed some defensive stops and serious athleticism in game one. As with White, the Cavs just having SOMEBODY on the wing to develop with this profile would be nice.

We’ll see you shortly when the game tips off.