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Who should make the NBA 2K18 all-time Cavaliers team?

Who needs to be among the greatest Cavs ever on the next edition of 2K?

Mark Price

NBA 2K18 is out next month, and they’re unveiling a new “all-time teams” feature that includes rosters for each NBA franchise comprised of the best players to ever suit it up.

We took to Twitter to ask who the Cavaliers team should include, and most of you took it seriously. Well, some of you. Well, at least one of you.

LeBron, Price, Daugherty and Kyrie headline the Cavs squad

World B. Free needs some love, dammit!

Men Lie, Women Lie, But Buckets DNT (X5, please)

Kind of like the Dion suggestion, but much grittier (if you get what we’re saying)

In the upset of the year, somehow Semih Erden got listed twice

It might happen due to the fact that they already have licensing rights, but Cavs fans are not trying to have Shaq on their all-time roster

I couldn’t agree more, Eric. Delonte must make an appearance despite not really deserving to