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Sources close to LeBron deny report that he is leaving the Cavaliers

Has LeBron decided he's leaving? Depends on who you ask.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James future in Cleveland has been the subject of rampant speculation, with the Cavs star being linked to Los Angeles, and former ESPN writer Chris Sheridan reported this today:

Sheridan once correctly predicted LeBron’s return in 2014 in a post that is no longer on his website while missing on some very key details (he said that the announcement would be made on James’ website, for example.)

Well, that report sent Twitter into a tailspin, but’s Joe Vardon responded with a series of tweets aggressively disputing Sheridan’s report.

Well, there’s that. LeBron’s camp seemed to strongly dispute Sheridan’s official report.

It was noteworthy to see that those sources close to LeBron disputed reports of enmity with Dan Gilbert while not going out of their way to say that things are peachy either.

I can’t imagine James is happy with Gilbert given how disastrous this Cavaliers offseason has been, and given his recent negative comments regarding President Donald Trump, it’s likely an unfortunate cherry on top that Gilbert is such a fan. With that said, James doesn’t traditionally shut doors until he’s already walked through another one, so distancing himself from that sentiment is not particularly surprising.

Momentum has been building towards LeBron’s potential departure, but it’s almost certain that we won’t know what he’ll do until he does it. That’s his preference, and it’ll likely stay that way. Even so, Cavs fans should be at least a little encouraged by such a strong denial. It doesn’t mean he’s staying, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.