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Look: LeBron James shares photo of himself in new Cavs jersey

Here’s the first real look at a Cavs player in the new jerseys.

When the Cavs debuted their new jerseys, there were no official shots of players. Screenshots from NBA 2K18 teases were the closest thing we had. Now, we’ve got one.

On his Instagram, LeBron James shared a photo of himself in the Cavs’ new wine jersey.

LeBron also has a very on brand caption: Welcome to the Terrordome!! Let's get this thing back going ASAP!! Savage Season 15 #striveforgreatness #savagemode#IFeelSoGoodRightNowItsScary

James, it seems, is more excited than normal for next season. Within the last week, he’s tweeted about where to find pickup basketball to play and now is talking about how good he fells. Is this the Kyrie Irving drama motivating this? Or is this simply wanting to get back to the Finals after how last year ended? Maybe it’s a mix of both.

As for the jersey, the blue of the numbers appears brighter here than it has in other photos, but that may be because of the lighting. In all likelihood, the next time we’ll see Cavs players in the new jerseys will be at media day in about a month.