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Look: Here’s the shoe Derrick Rose will wear with the Cavs next season

Rose’s signature shoe has a toned down design.

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With how up and down his career has been, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Derrick Rose still has a signature shoe from Adidas.

The newest edition, the D Rose 8, will first launch in a black, white and gold colorway on Oct. 28. It is a far simpler version of the previous models of Rose’s shoes and simpler than other Adidas shoes currently out. It’s a fairly simple design — a high-top shoe made of mesh and synthetic materials and Boosh cushioning — and the main color isn’t related to the Cavs’ color scheme directly. The shoe also has a twisted lacing system. Also note that the Adidas logo is placed in same spot as on the Crazy Explosives.

The D Rose eight drops on Saturday, October at Foot Locker and other Adidas retailers. A price point is not yet known, but the D Rose 7 was sold at $140 last season when Rose played with the Knicks.