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LeBron James once saved a snorkeler from drowning

Is there anything he can’t do?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

We know that LeBron James is a transcendent talent on the basketball court. But that’s not the only area where he excels. He apparently is a very strong swimmer and has even gone full Hasslehoff by playing aquatic hero.

In a recent profile by Vogue, Robert Sullivan shared a story told to him by Gabrielle Union about the infamous banana boat trip:

As I prepare to say goodbye, I am reminded of a story Gabrielle Union told me about LeBron. Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, with other friends and athletes, were out snorkeling in the Bahamas a few years back. Some, including Wade, were ocean-shy, city-born and not as strong at swimming as LeBron. ("LeBron, it turns out, is Aquaman!" Union says.)

Eventually, the group got out in the water, though at the end of the swim, when everyone was back in the boat, LeBron took a count and noticed a man missing, immediately diving back in. "He literally brings our friend back, like something out of an episode of 'Baywatch,'" Union says. "Because he’s that guy, and when you see that, you know he is not going to leave these at-risk kids behind or an NBA player snorkeling. He’s that guy who dives in."

So, I guess after saving the Cleveland Cavaliers from drowning in 2014, James did the same to a friend the following year. Maybe he’ll be able to do the same for the team this summer! And could he have saved Baywatch from being a box office flop?