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LeBron James wants Cavs fans to pay tribute to Kyrie Irving

The king speaks out following Irving’s trade.

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James has remained quiet publicly since the news of Kyrie Irving’s trade request was leaked to the media. While some reports indicated that James wanted to beat Irving’s buttocks if he was in the same room with him, others suggested that there wasn’t much ill-will between the two.

Now that Irving has been traded, James finally has publicly commented about his time with Irving. In a response to a hilarious video of a Cavs fan giving Irving’s jersey the treatment it deserves, James tweeted out some love for his ex-teammate:

The original tweet and video can be viewed here:

As David Griffin had pointed out earlier this summer, what Irving did is rather unique in the NBA. Most hide their feelings and aren’t upfront about not being all-in with a situation. Irving let the Cavs know ahead of time where his heart was at and they were able to get one of the largest returns for an All-Star in recent memory.

Irving’s tenure with the team brought more good memories than bad and there’s a good chance his No. 2 jersey will be retired by the Cavs in the future. I expect more tributes from his teammates, including LeBron, to come pouring in over the next few days.