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Cavaliers’ all-time roster on NBA 2K18 revealed

Here’s who will be wearing wine and gold on the virtual hardwood.

NBA 2K18 is unveiling a new “All-Time” roster this year, featuring all 30 NBA franchises best players for you to go head-to-head with, and those rosters were released today. Here’s who’s suiting up for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Price, Irving, James and Daugherty are all no-brainers for the starting lineup, though I think it’s fair to wonder if someone like Larry Nance or Kevin Love deserved to be in that role slightly more. All told, this is a fairly thorough roster.

It’s really important to note that since retired players are no longer part of the NBA player’s association, they have to be negotiated with at an individual level for their likenesses to be included in the game. As a result, some former players either don’t want to be featured or demand too high of a price for 2K to meet. For example, the All-Time Suns don’t have Charles Barkley and the All-Time Pacers don’t have Reggie Miller.

It’s not a matter of 2K being negligent, as they understand that Reggie Miller was good at basketball. It’s just an unfortunate reality of the business.

With that said, who do you think should’ve made this team that didn’t? I won’t pretend that part of me kiiiinda wanted to see Delonte West on the roster.