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What do you want from Fear the Sword?

I want to hear from you ahead of next season.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers-Championship Celebration David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone.

As we start to get ready for, and starting planning our strategies, the 2017-18 season — which has so much on the line for the franchise — I want to hear from you, our amazing and always engaged community. Specifically, I want you to tell me what you’d like to see us do for next season. Do you want more Facebook Live videos where we take your questions? More roundtables? Or more of the same? Sans typos, of course. Also, I want to know how we can help get you more involved and writing more FanPosts.

As always, I’ll be available to you for questions and concerns. My DMs on Twitter @cwmwrites are always open, but the best way to reach me is at And I, along with the staff being the always there Alex, will work to be in the comments more and engaging with you here.

So, let me know below what you’d like to see this year. We want to hear from you.