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Vegas odds have the Cavs’ win total set at 53.5 for next season

Vegas win totals are officially out, and the Cavs have a conservative estimate.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s Christmas for degenerates like myself, as the NBA Win totals from Westgate Superbook have been released by Jeff Sherman, and the Cavaliers have landed with the second-highest total in the Eastern Conference and the fifth-highest in the NBA at 53.5.

Other notable totals for the Cavaliers are the Nets, who are currently sitting at 28.5 and tied for the third worst totals with the Suns and Kings. Only the Bulls and Hawks are expected to be worse. But if Vegas has it right, this Nets pick could be more volatile than the Cavs were hoping. It could land at No. 1, or it could fall all the way to No.5, or even farther.

The Celtics are ahead of the Cavs in the East with an over/under of 56.5, which is interesting. It’s hard to tell whether Vegas is accounting for the Kyrie trade as already being done, or if it moves the needle at all for them. Most bookmakers don’t swing their totals as much as you’d think for player acquisitions — it normally has to be a total paradigm shift for a big move.

Golden State’s total at 67.5 is absolutely bonkers, but probably well set to be honest. It feels like the expectation at this point that they’ll win in the high 60s, not a “best case scenario,” though one shudders to imagine what a “best case scenario” season looks like for the Dubs.