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LeBron James leads small forwards in NBA 2K18 rating

Surprise, surprise — LeBron is the top dog yet again.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James reclaimed his status as the consensus top player in basketball after the 2016 Finals, and it looks like he’s held onto it through the 2017 season into the offseason, at least in NBA 2K18’s eyes. The official 2K18 account revealed the league’s small forward rankings Tuesday on Twitter and James is at No. 1:

LeBron lands first among small forwards and among everyone in the league at 97, though Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard were nipping at his heels at 96 and 95 respectively. It’s a little surprising to see James as high as he is given that he’s entering his age 33 season. But he also is a robot who doesn’t appear to age in any way beyond some well publicized hairline issues.

This very well could be the last year James sits in the top spot for the league, though. If he regresses at all, the others on the list are either in their prime or continuing to get better, and his margin, at least with regards to 2K, is closer than ever. For now though, James is still the top dog.