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Here are the Kyrie Irving deals you think make sense

We asked what you’d give up Kyrie for, and here are your answers.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

On Twitter, we asked what deals you’d accept for Kyrie Irving. Here are some of the best responses. Note that these have not been checked in the trade machine. Thanks to CelticsBlog and SB Nation NBA for the idea.

All in on Josh Jackson

The Suns were, by far, the most common destination for Kyrie. If they do give up Josh Jackson, they would make a lot of sense and we know the Cavs are interested.

Denver Stiffs must really like Colorado herbs

Say hi to the trolls

I do agree with Chris Barnewall.

Bringing Delly back

@CavsRW is right: there has been no buzz about the Bucks yet. But, if they get involved, a deal could make sense for both sides. But would the Cavs willingly deal Kyrie to play with Giannis?

Trade Kyrie for Western Conference Kyrie

Hot take: the Cavs would do this if it was really available.

Trading Kyrie to Charlotte

This isn’t an awful place to start, but it doesn’t give the Cavs any youth in return. Iman Shumpert would have to go to Charlotte to make the math work too.


Presented without comment.