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Cavaliers unveil new uniforms for 2017-18 season

The Cavs officially revealed their new Nike uniforms on Monday afternoon.

The Cavaliers new uniforms from Nike have been speculated about, and today, the team made them official, with this announcement:

Here’s a pulled-back still image of the new look:

Finally, the team also shared close-up shots of specific parts of both their white and wine jerseys.

There’s no word on any alternates yet, which makes sense. It feels worth noting that in the reveal video, the team showcased three jerseys: one for LeBron James, one for Kevin Love, and one for...Kyrie Irving.

That probably doesn’t mean anything with regards to Irving’s future in Cleveland, but it appears that the team isn’t cutting him out entirely just yet.

These are also the first Cavaliers jerseys with the Goodyear logo, which is fairly tastefully done in the form of a patch near the left shoulder of the jerseys. It’s never ideal visually to have a uniform plastered in sponsors, but as far as this goes, it doesn’t stand out in a problematic way.

I’m no expert on uniform fashion, but these are fine if uninspiring. Nike hasn’t appeared to want to rock the boat too aggressively in their first year at the helm of the NBA’s fashion world. We’ll see how they look in action.