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Fear the Links: Reviewing the Cavs’ new uniforms

That and more in today’s links.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Here are today’s links. Have a suggestion? Drop me an email to

At ESPN, Uni Watch’s Phil Hecken reviews the Cavs’ new jerseys, or at least the two that were released yesterday. In the post, you can see last year’s jerseys as compared to last year’s versions. One passage of note:

This feels like a Nike design, primarily because of the typography, which is rendered in a custom font full of angles and points and hard-edged negative space. It feels like something from a college football uniform, or maybe a from a video game. Which is to say, it feels very, very Nike.

Also at ESPN, Wright Thompson profiles Conor McGregor. You won’t find a more fascinating look into a fascinating figure. Also, Chris Jones on Conor from a few years back is just as good if not better.

VICE’s Michael Pina makes the case for LeBron James to sign with the Rockets next summer. Even if you disagree, you’ll find it interesting to consider.

This is from last week, but SI’s Rob Mahoney examines how the Russell Westbrook-Paul George partnership will work.

Lastly, here’s a 14 minute video on Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode that details that amazing final battle.