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Draymond Green comments on Kyrie Irving trade, says it didn’t surprise him

Everybody’s favorite Warrior weighs in on the Kyrie trade.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Kyrie Irving trade was one of the biggest surprises and stories of the off-season. How the deal impacted the futures of both Irving and the Cavs as a franchise will undoubtedly be discussed and reflected on for years to come.

Warriors forward Draymond Green is one of the latest to weigh in on the trade. Someone who is likely pleased that he no longer has to go against Irving in future match-ups between the Cavs and Warriors.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it surprised me,” Green said. “I would have say more than anything, it’s the level of respect I have for him. That’s tough to do. I don’t think people take into account that he put so much pressure on himself by doing that.”

Here’s what he had to say in full:

Irving and Green had developed a friendship during their time playing for Team USA last summer, so it’s not surprising to hear him speak out in support of the former Cavs point guard.

While Green is far from the most beloved opponent, he does bring some interesting insights to the discussion, especially when it comes to how LeBron James has empowered players to make unpopular decisions. I don’t necessarily agree that it was a brave decision by Irving, but it certainly represents how much confidence he has in himself as a player.