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Leaked NBA 2K18 image showcases new Cavs alternate jersey

The Cavs get an expected black jersey.

The Cleveland Cavaliers still have to release two of their four new jerseys, but a leaked image from NBA 2K18 showcases a black Cavs alternate jersey.

As this tweet from jersey writer Conrad Burry shows, images from an Australian copy of 2K (although the game has yet to be released) show the Cavs’ black jersey. As the image shows, it features the team’s ‘C’ logo over the jersey umber with wine and gold accent. It also seems to feature some white, or maybe grey, lines on the jersey. Overall, it’s not the worst jersey, but it could be better.

It’s unknown know when the Cavs will debut this jersey, or if this is the exact black jersey they’ll wear. But if it’s in the game, it’s likely that it’s the real deal. And if you’re not a fan, remember that the Cavs have one more jersey that has yet to be unveiled.