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Fear the Links: Kyrie stays very odd

That and more in today’s links.

Boston Celtics Introduce Kyrie Irving Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone. There are 35 days until the first night of the NBA season. Here are today’s links.

From Fear the Sword: Kyrie Irving went on First Take and said some weird stuff with a weird tone, namely that he doesn’t really get why he needed to tell LeBron that he’d made a trade request and that he didn’t care if LeBron took it the wrong way. It was weird.

Meanwhile, the Cavs unveiled their new black “Statement” jerseys from Nike. It’s kind of odd looking, but ultimately, I can’t get too fired up about jerseys. Sorry y’all.

Over at SB Nation, the staff there is predicting who the top 100 players in the NBA will 2021. It’s a fun experiment that they’ll almost certainly be wrong about, which they acknowledge, but it’s fun nonetheless.

In the realm of Schadenfreude, it looks like Kevin Durant got caught using alternate accounts to tweet defenses of himself. It’s very hilarious, and I have no interest in finding out whether it’s true or not. Just like SPOILER ALERT Santa Clause, sometimes it’s more fun to just believe.