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Fear the Links: The NBA on Amazon?

That and more in today’s links.

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NBA: Nike/Sony Press Conference Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Here are today’s links.

ICYMI from yesterday: Kyrie is weirdo. And he also explained why he didn’t tell LeBron he wanted out while appearing on First Take. LeBron is also set to his workouts in California starting today.

At ESPN, Mike Schmitz breaks down Luka Doncic, who recently helped Slovenia win EuroBasket and could be the No. 1 pick in next year’s draft. If Nets pick works out for the Cavs like they hope, expect him to be in serious consideration for that pick.

At Recode, Jason Del Rey looks at recent comments by NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who had a very interesting thing to say about Amazon:

“From an NBA standpoint, we’re very much in business with Amazon,” Silver said. “Michael is entering into a relationship — with Fanatics — with Amazon where if you go to Amazon, which most people do ... if you’re thinking of Amazon as a place to go to get that Porzingis jersey, you’re going to be led to Fanatics. So in essence, we exist as part of that larger ecosystem.”

Of note, the WNBA already streams games on Twitter. And because League Pass is such a bad product, it makes sense that the NBA might one day look outside of its traditional avenues.

Lastly, LeBron did a really cool Q&A with Hypebeast.

That’s it for today. Remember that the Cavs are holding a press conference later today that doesn’t appear to be about the team itself. We’ll be back tomorrow.