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Tristan Thompson on Dwyane Wade: “It's just more pieces to the puzzle.”

The Cavs power forward seems excited about bringing Wade into the fold.

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Count Tristan Thompson among the Cleveland Cavaliers excited about adding Dwyane Wade to the team.

"He's pretty familiar with most of the guys on our team, whether playing against or playing with," Thompson said, per "I think he's going to jell pretty well. He's a veteran, he's always been a good locker room guy. We've never heard anything bad. It would be great for our team to have another championship-mentality player on our team. It's just more pieces to the puzzle."

Wade saying “we’ve never heard anything bad” is funny because he’s best friends with LeBron James and LeBron is the Cavaliers. And what Thompson said is largely nothing new — it confirms what we already knew about Wade.

But his comments do explain why the Cavs pursued Wade and are excited to bring him into the fold. He’s someone who has experience playing for, and winning, titles. He feels a need, particularly while Isaiah Thomas is out. LeBron trusts him. For the Cavs, there is no real downside to adding Wade.