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Tyronn Lue says LeBron James seems younger and happier as 2017-18 season starts

Might LeBron be in for a season that exceeds even his standards?

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

At the Cavaliers’ media day on Monday, LeBron James seemed to be full of energy and excited for the upcoming season. According to Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, that carried over into the first official day of practice.

"He seems younger," Lue said on Tuesday, per ESPN. "I call him 'Benjamin Button.' He seems younger, he just seems happier with the game right now, just having fun. Enjoying the game. Hopefully it carries on for 82 games and into the playoffs."

At media day, James talked about how the offseason was different for him without getting into the specifics.

"Something was different," James said. "Something was just different throughout the offseason and hopefully I can, I'm not here to talk about it, because that's not what I do. I'll put it out on the floor."

With Kyrie Irving gone, and the rest of the roster still being sorted out due to injuries and pending signings, there’s a lot on LeBron’s plate this year. And while it’s still far too early to know exactly what kind of year he’ll have, it’s a good sign that James is feeling good coming into the year. A LeBron who feels younger and is happier is a LeBron no one should want to face.