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Cavaliers unveil new court design for 2017-18 season

The Cavs’ new black logo is front and center.

A new season comes with a new look for the Cleveland Cavaliers. First, a new logo and color scheme was debuted. The switch from Adidas to Nike then resulted in new jerseys for the team, and to go along with the new look and logo, the team also has changed up the look of the court.

The Cavs twitter account shared the new look for their court Thursday. It prominently features the team’s new primary logo at half-court, along with a black border and the Cleveland skyline:

My initial reaction to this change is fairly lukewarm. I’m not the biggest fan of the new primary logo, as it looks like a badge or a patch you would put on a biker’s jacket. In that capacity it isn’t bad, but slapped at half-court looks a little out of place and ultimately makes the court look incredibly busy when paired with the skyline. I also was a big fan of the Cavs “C” at half-court and don’t like change, so my bias may be taking over.

Nobody has ever said I am a man of impeccable taste, so let us know what you think and how wrong I am in the comments below.