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Report: Cavaliers nearing deal for George Hill

The Cavs are in advanced talks to acquire George Hill from the Kings.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

While the trade rumors surrounding the two had became quiet recently, it turns out the Cleveland Cavaliers are not over the Hill. The team is actively engaged in discussions to acquire the veteran point guard from the Sacramento Kings, and it sounds like a deal may be close.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Jump, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst stated the Cavs are deep in talks with the Kings. Describing the move as being on “the one yard line”.

What form this deal would take is unclear. With the Cavs needing multiple moves to help fix the flaws with this roster, it’s probably unlikely that the team would give up a draft pick for this season in this deal. If they did, it would remove their ability to move the Brooklyn Nets first round pick. It would also mean that they couldn’t attach a pick for this season to any of their larger contracts to help clear up space.

If this deal does happen, it also muddies the water for Isaiah Thomas and his future with the team. While he and Hill could play next to each other, that would be too much ball handling for a starting lineup that already includes LeBron James. It likely would even mean fewer touches for Kevin Love. With Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose handling the ball off the bench, something would have to give.