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Cavaliers players joke about Kevin Love throwing warmup jersey on Jeff Green’s head

In the midst of mostly not having fun, the Cavs had a little fun with this one.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Houston Rockets Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

There’s been plenty of drama surrounding the Cavaliers in recent weeks, and after being confronted in a team meeting for leaving a game against the Thunder due to being sick, Kevin Love has somehow been at the center of it yet again.

That’s why it caught the internet’s eye when Love casually tossed his warmup...directly onto Jeff Green’s face, and Green did not look thrilled about it.

It was always more likely that Love, y’know, just wasn’t paying attention to where he was throwing the warmup, but plenty of people had fun joking that he was sending some sort of message.

Love clearly seemed to poke fun in the aftermath on Twitter.

Channing Frye was in the subcategory of people who mostly thought it was hilarious, and correctly noted that Cedi Osman looked absolutely terrified about the whole exchange.

Love also sent this tweet:

If this team does anything right, it’s social media. They’re pretty willing to roast one another, and though we haven’t heard from the victim here, I think it’s pretty fair to say this one wasn’t too big of a deal. Hopefully some of that camaraderie transfers into on-court success.

Editor’s note: In the locker room post game, Green and Love openly joked about the incident as well. saying they’ll put the gloves on at 12:30 Saturday — aka when practice is open to the media. - CM