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Cavs players are annoyed with Isaiah Thomas’ shot selection

Things aren’t great right now.

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NBA: Indiana Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas is struggling right now. And it’s reportedly starting to frustrate his teammates.

According to The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, Thomas’ shot chucking as he continues to try and get into a rhythm.

From The Athletic:

Thomas is a chucker. He takes bad shots. In Boston he was the only viable offensive threat, which apparently gave him a license to shoot wherever and whenever he wanted. But here his shots aren’t coming within the rhythm of the offense, yet that hasn’t stopped him from shooting. It has — and continues to — aggravate his teammates. Defensively he’s abysmal.

Would this be a different story if Thomas were making shots and playing well? Probably. But right now, he’s not and the team is not playing well either. At least before Thomas returned, Kevin Love and others were in a rhythm. It also probably doesn’t help that Thomas (along with Dwyane Wade) instigated Monday’s reported locker room blowout largely directed at Love.

Thomas left before reporters were allowed into the Cavs’ locker room last night after he finished 5-13 from the field. So far, in nine games, he’s shooting 39 percent from the field with the highest usage rate on the team.