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LeBron James on his quadruple-double: “It’s a four-interception game for a quarterback with a win.”

James and Tyronn Lue had differing explanations for the performance.

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

On Friday against the Pacers, LeBron James had the first quadruple-double of his career. And, with the Cavs picking up the win anyway, he had an apt comparison for his performance.

“It’s a four-interception game for a quarterback with a win,” James said after the game. “That’s what I think of it.”

Six of James’ 11 turnovers happened in the fourth quarter when he played all but six seconds en route to a 40-minute night. Tyronn Lue attributed those turnovers to fatigue. Derrick Rose didn’t play in the fourth after playing well and getting tired, while Isaiah Thomas struggled and James ran the offense as a result.

“I just think he got tired down the stretch,” Lue said. “I think we tried to use him a little too much and that’s on me. He’s got to do a better job making some better passes also. He had some passes he normally doesn’t make. But when you’re tired, fatigued and you’re playing throughout the course of the season, it can happen. Even as great as he is, it’s capable of happening to anybody.”

James, however, disagreed with that assessment.

“I just made some bad decisions,” he said. “I was overlooking passes a little bit too much as well. I had two to start the fourth quarter. Jeff Green kind of got held on his post-ups and then my going away, so I gotta do more better with the ball, but I didn’t get tired, though.”