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Dwyane Wade passes Larry Bird on the all-time scoring list

The Cavs guard moves up to 32nd all-time

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons may have had a somber mood, due to the injury to Kevin Love. But history was made by Dwyane Wade as he passed Larry Bird to move up to 32 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Wade would be considered by most to be one of the five best shooting guards of all-time. He has been very impressive during his first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, sacrificing and adjusting his game to play backup point guard for the good of the team.

There aren’t many players that have had a peak as high as Wade that managed to find a way to age gracefully. After being asked to do too much for the Chicago Bulls last season, Wade has found a way to adjust his game and check his ego at the door.

At his best, Wade’s peak is as high as any shooting guard not named Michael Jordan. He was a force of nature on both ends of the court, and one of the most accomplished players of the era.