Is Ty Lue the worst coach?

And I mean, the worst coach PERIOD!

So, instead of giving some much needed minutes to Ante Zizic for once after Kevin Love is missing through injury, he gives 20+ minutes to "young buck" Channing Frye. Just amazing how worthless he really LeBron to take coaching from him and make him look good.

After LeBron left, Dan Gilbert should have replaced him straight away, it was a perfect opportunity to give a coaching job to someone new, some young coach who has potential like the Hawks did with Lloyd Pierce. Ty Lue can't recognize talent even if it hits him in the face.

It just amazes me how Andre Drummond was destroying the Cavs in the middle, finished with 26 points and 22 rebounds, but Lue never once thought "hey, I might try throwing a big body at him" the only center you got on that bench. Remarkable.

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