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The Cavaliers’ contract talks with Larry Drew have stalled

The Cavs coaching saga remains complicated.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The contract dance between Larry Drew and the Cavaliers appears to still be ongoing and not progressing in a positive way.

According to a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski, negotiations between Drew and the team are ongoing, but appear headed towards a stalemate.

“There are no updates, which I’m very disappointed about,” Drew said Tuesday before the Cavs played the Hawks. “I’m going to be professional and I’m going to do my job. It’s been close to 72 hours.” Drew also said he was told the Cvas might hire a new coach from outside the organization, but ESPN’s reported stated that the Cavs have no begun that process in earnest.

Drew, who is making around $1 million this season as one of the league’s highest paid assistants, is seeking additional guaranteed money from the Cavs to take the interim job. His contract with the team is set to expire in July.

“We’re actually kind of just weighing our options on [it not working out],” Drew said. “I really hope that we can get something resolved, but moving forward, I know there is a possibility that it may not be resolved.

”I would never quit. I won’t do that. As I said, I remain professional and will continue to do my job. I was told that there could be a possibility of them just bringing in somebody else to finish out the year and then I can move back into my original position as an associate head coach.”

Drew is in a position where the Cavs need him more than he needs them. If they balk at paying him and let him go, he’d still get his salary and avoid putting on any extra losses to his resume. And then the Cavs would be left with someone the locker room seems to trust — almost every player, including Kevin Love, spoke positively of Drew on Tuesday — and have to find someone else to take the job.

“I would love him to be the coach,” Love said. “Everybody knows how I feel about LD, especially after last year’s little run we had. We felt that definitely helped, especially having another huge voice on the bench. Having him step in would be great.”

It remains unclear when the Cavs and Drew will finish their negotiations and in what way. The Cavs next play on Thursday at home against the Nuggets.