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Watch: Cavaliers share tribute video for LeBron James

Well, that was nice.

Los Angeles Lakers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

There’s been plenty of attention paid to how the Cavaliers would receive LeBron James in his first game back in Cleveland since leaving for the second time.

Well, the Cavaliers crowd was classy, giving LeBron a (mostly) standing ovation. For their part, the Cavs shared this tribute video:

All the consternation about how this would play out was likely always going to be much ado about nothing. The Cavaliers faithful and organization have learned important lessons about how to react to a star leaving, especially one as important as James.

We were never going to get a repeat of the first Decision and the aftermath — from LeBron or the fanbase. It certainly seems like everybody took the right lessons away.

The Cavaliers are something of a disaster without James — it’s even easier than usual to appreciate what he did for the franchise. We’ll see how they forge forward without him.