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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Lakers player grades

The Cavs played well, even in a loss.

Los Angeles Lakers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Well, that was close at least. As always, here are player grades. Share yours for the Cavs’ loss to the Lakers below.

Collin Sexton: C+

Sexton was just okay in this game, but showed flashes. The jumper wasn’t going, and the defense remains spotty, but he’s growing and learning.

Cedi Osman: A

Cedi’s ceiling will be determined by his handle and his jumper. Both were on point in this one. He hit five threes, was active in transition and played as well as anybody could’ve expected. If this is the Cedi the Cavaliers can get consistently, they’ll be okay.

Rodney Hood: C+

Hood was solid in the first half, but as Jordan Clarkson and Kyle Korver helped eat additional minutes, he faded away. The Cavaliers just always need more from him than he’s able to give.

Larry Nance Jr.: B

Nance seems to be at his best when he’s playmaking and finishing. He did that tonight with five assists and a couple beautiful finishes at the rim.

Tristan Thompson: A

Thompson proved why he was a core piece of a team that went to four straight Finals. He snagged 10 offensive boards and fought his way to 14 points.

Kyle Korver: B

Trade showcase! Korver looked great for much of the game, but it’s hard to not dock him for missing what would’ve been a game-tying wide open three near the end of the fourth. Still, he showed he’s still got legs.

Jordan Clarkson: B+

Clarkson kept the Cavaliers alive in the fourth, and actually had some legitimately decent passes. He couldn’t buy a bucket inside the paint, but that’s just life sometimes.

David Nwaba: C

Nwaba did his damndest on LeBron, but didn’t really receive enough help. If his three were on, he would’ve probably jumped a full letter grade tonight.

Andrew Harrison: C+

Harrison continues to be a really solid minute eater for this team. He knows how to play the game. If only he could hit a three now and then.