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Larry Drew considering changes to Cavs bench lineups

He also says he is considering playing everyone on the team.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With the Cavs at 1-7, Larry Drew is considering some changes.

At Saturday’s shootaround before the Cavs play the Hornets in Charlotte, Drew says he is considering altering bench lineups to help those units play better. He, however, is not considering changing the starting lineup.

“I’m looking for some certain things, particularly out of that second unit,” Drew said, per “Just moving forward I want to make sure that I try to put these guys in the best possible position I can and if that means doing some things differently and tweaking some things then we are prepared to do that.”

Drew was also asked those changes results in J.R. Smith returning to the rotation. And he did everyone on the team could play.

“I’ve considered playing every guy that’s on that bench,” Drew said. “J.R. has not been in the rotation. Big Z [Ante Zizic] hasn’t been in the rotation. Channing [Frye] hasn’t been in the rotation. I’m considering all players and all possibilities. That’s something, moving forward, I will continue to look at different things and what’s going to give us the best chance to win.”

It is unclear exactly what adjustments would help the Cavs. Maybe if Smith or Frye came in and made shots, it would open up the floor for others. Maybe if Zizic gets time, he could give the team low post scoring option and at least get him some developmental minutes.

The change that seems obvious to make is finding a way to play Collin Sexton with players other than Jordan Clarkson. It isn’t clear if that’s one of the changes Drew is considering making — he won’t go into specifics about this changes — but the two just aren’t working as a duo. Sexton would be better served playing in lineups where isn’t paired with another ball-dominant player and gets a chance to do more of what he’ll do as a the Cavs’ point guard when that role is his. Bumping Sexton (or Clarkson, if Drew wanted to get crazy) to the starting is the easiest fix, but apparently not an option right now.