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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks player grades: The Larry Nance Jr. game

Plus, Rodney Hood was actually good.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the player grades for the Cleveland Cavaliers 114-102 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks:

Larry Nance Jr.: A

The Larry Nance panic may have been a little premature. Nance has been incredibly active lately, is showing flashes of three point range, and continuing to provide great play making for his position.

Rodney Hood: A

For better or worse, Rodney Hood’s game typically exists on an island. His game doesn’t usually come within the flow of the offense, but this was a offensive performance for him.

Matthew Dellavedova: A-

Second only to Nance in plus/minus for the night, this was another nice performance from Delly. He was a little handsy on defense and took out Fred McLeod, but it’s hard to not be happy with his play so far in his second stint with the team.

Jordan Clarkson: B

This was a fun mix of JORDAN CLARKSON TIME! and jordan clarkson time... There were great stretches of scoring, play making, as well as rebounding. Then there were the four turnovers to match his four assists, poor defense, and stretches of misses.

Channing Frye: B

It wasn’t Frye’s fault that he couldn’t do a whole lot to help the team defensively. He was fairly good offensively, but this was just a tough matchup for him with how frequently the Bucks attack the rim.

Alec Burks: B-

It wasn’t a terrible game for Burks, however he was one of many players impacted by the Bucks length defensively. 12 points on 11 shots and 4 turnovers was a below-average showing for Burks.

David Nwaba: B-

Nwaba was actually fairly productive in his minutes, even though they weren’t many. It was surprising to see him only get 13 minutes when the Cavs could have used a more physical presence on the perimeter defensively.

Cedi Osman: C+

On the plus side, Osman didn’t force his shot offensively. However, Giannis Antetokoumpo had his way with him on the defensive end and he floated around a little too much offensively. You can impact the game in many ways even when you aren’t scoring, but standing around isn’t one of them.

Collin Sexton: C

Sexton struggled with the Bucks length once again. The Bucks are the type of team that is strong in defending everything Sexton does well, and adept at attacking his weaknesses. Having a bad game against the Bucks isn’t something to dwell on, how he rebounds from these games is so much more important.

Jaron Blossomgame: INC

I like what he brings to the table in the minutes he gets, but this was not one of his more effective outings.