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Cavaliers vs. Warriors player grades: It could have been a lot worse!

Collin Sexton and Cedi Osman had moments against the Warriors before things got out of hand

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Cavs were leading this one at halftime. The game got way out of hand after Kevin Durant woke up in the third quarter, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t see the Cavs take some positive steps forward. Let’s see how everyone did, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Collin Sexton: B

Collin Sexton was a perfect mix of revelation and disaster. Defensively ... he played like a 19-year-old. He was lost in transition, got caught flat-footed at times and got hung up on screens. Steph Curry had a field day. But of course Steph Curry had a field day. Sexton is 19 years old. 21 points on 14 shots, three assists and just one turnover is a great step forward. He got to the rim a little bit, and he continues to shoot a good percentage on threes he takes. He’s having trouble with efficiency in the midrange game, as almost everyone does. It’ll get better, probably.

George Hill: D

Hill was 0-5 from the field and committed four fouls in 25 minutes. This was not a game that would make a contender think they want to give up an asset or two for Hill, and that’s a missed opportunity. At the end of the day, though, shooting’s going to be there some nights and not on others. He’s got to assert himself on the game.

Rodney Hood: D+

Hood played like an All-Star for the first six minutes of the game. And then he disappeared. 15 points on 16 shots is almost tough to do when you start 5-7 from the field, but that’s just what Rodney did. Frustrating.

Cedi Osman: B

Cedi also continues to struggle to defend and learn what it’s like to play big minutes on a nightly basis, but this was a positive night for him. He started 0-4 from the field, but kept working and finished with 16 points on 12 shots. He attempted six threes, and made three. If he can become competent in that area he can be a helpful player as he learns to defend. We’ll see.

Tristan Thompson: B+

14 points on eight shots, 19 rebounds, three assists and zero turnovers. The Warriors couldn’t keep Thompson off the boards, and he made life a lot easier for Cavaliers guards getting to the basket and extending possessions. The Cavs got hurt in transition a bit, and some of that may have been Tristan hunting for too many offensive rebounds.

Alec Burks: C

Rough shooting night for Burks, and like a lot of the Cavs, didn’t seem particularly interested in defending. Still, his willingness to attack the basket (and attempt threes in this one) will make him one of the Cavs two or three best players very soon.

Larry Nance Jr.: B+

After struggling for the first part of the season, Nance seems to be rounding into form. His role ultimately looks like that of a really nice big off the bench, but he’s once again playing with energy and athleticism. His rebounding technique needs work, but looks better against opposing team’s benches. He’s back to finishing and attacking the offensive boards.

Jordan Clarkson: C-

Somehow a quiet night for Clarkson, even as he attempted 17 shots and scored 17 points. He attacks the basket but did not have luck getting to the free throw line, which was frustrating. Clarkson didn’t torpedo the Cavs in this one, but I don’t know how helpful he was either.

Jalen Jones: Incomplete

Jaron Blossomgate: Incomplete

These guys came on for garbage time, and the Cavs were still getting run out of the building. Not going to blame them, though. Each played just three minutes.