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Channing Frye on the Cavs’ struggles: “I don’t think we were built to sacrifice for each other.”

The ex-Cavalier talked about Cleveland’s struggles on Saturday.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

According to ex-Cavalier, and now Laker, Channing Frye, the Cavaliers were not “built to sacrifice for each other.”

“I think it just wasn’t working,” Frye said on Saturday, per ESPN. “I don’t think it was a chemistry off the court thing because I went and talked to those guys all the time. I just think on the court, there just wasn’t enough give and take. I don’t think we were built to sacrifice for each other. I think a lot of guys had success in different systems. There wasn’t enough time for them to adjust to doing it a certain way and that happens.”

Frye also said he expects Isaiah Thomas, who was also traded to the Lakers on Thursday, to turn his season around.

“I’ll be honest, he’s gonna be fine,” Frye said about Thomas, per ESPN. “... I think everyone makes a big deal out of it because it’s Isaiah, but Kyle [Korver] wasn’t having a great year. I wasn’t having a great year. Jae [Crowder] wasn’t having a great year. Dwyane Wade. You gotta put all these different personalities and groups together, it sometimes just doesn’t work out.

“There’s nothing [wrong] with him. You’re gonna see. He’s gonna ball. How many games do we have left? You’re gonna see Isaiah start to become the old Isaiah, especially with a faster pace. Especially the way the ball moves and pops here. I think this is a better system for him.”

Considering how bad the Cavs looked pre-trade, and with what players were saying about the team’s play, what Frye says checks out. Cleveland can only hope that the trade, and the four new players on the team, helps the Cavs fix their issues.