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Cleveland Cavaliers at Memphis Grizzlies player grades

The Cavs got back to their winning ways.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the player grades for the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-89 win over the Memphis Grizzlies:

Referees: F

Nobody came to watch them tonight, but there they were. Awful game from them on both ends of the floor.

Larry Nance Jr: A+

The box score? Solid. His impact? Spectacular. Nance changed the energy of the game and helped get the team out of their malaise early in the night. Four offensive boards, four steals, two blocks, and a few monster dunks. Nance earned his team-best plus 26 plus/minus on the night.

George Hill: A

Hill was assertive in the first half, and composed in the second. He may need to initiate a little more as long as Love is out, but he continues to be a great fit with the starters.

LeBron James: A

While the first half wasn’t great for LeBron, he was surgical in putting the game out of reach in the second half. He read the floor perfectly and compiled a pretty 18 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

Cedi Osman: A

Hard to find too many faults with Osman’s game tonight. Took the shots he should have take, let the game come to him and was reliable as ever. This is a rookie.

Jordan Clarkson: B

The reverse of Rodney Hood, Clarkson made no impact in the first half and came to life during the team’s clinching run. The team must have had a cadaver in the locker room, because he came back into the game with a dead-eye stitched to his face.

Clarkson is gonna take shots and his impact is feast or famine. But his athleticism and ability to give the team life is a real asset.

Rodney Hood: B

See Clarkson, then reverse it. Hood was great in the first half and hit the shots that were created for him. While he couldn’t get anything to fall in the second half, he didn’t have a negative effect on the team and continued to provide energy.

Kyle Korver: B-

I miss when the Cavs would find ways to get Kover shots. He was solid on the night, but the team just doesn’t run the same number of sets for him.

Tristan Thompson: D

Only thing that saved Thompson from an F was a brief stretch of good play in the third quarter. On the year, Thompson’s numbers drop off a cliff on the second night of back to backs. But with Nance’s play, you have to wonder if his days as a starter are numbered.

J.R. Smith: F

The bad and the ugly. J.R. didn’t really have a rhythm all night and his defense was atrocious. He did hit that one ridiculous three though.