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Kevin Love on missing All-Star game due to injury again: “It just seems like [bad] luck”

For the second straight year, the Cavs forward will miss the All-Star game due to an injury.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the second year in a row, Cavs forward Kevin Love will miss the All-Star game due to injury. And he only has one way to describe it.

“It just seems like (bad) luck, really,” Love said on Saturday, per “I don’t know how to categorize it, I really don’t. When I looked at [Cavs trainer] Steve Spiro kind of walking off the court I said, ‘I know this feeling, this sucks, I can’t believe it. Two years in a row.’”

Last year, Love had surgery on his left knee in February just before the All-Star game. This year, the left hand injury he just suffered is the reason he won’t be in Los Angeles as a member of Team LeBron. Last year, however, his surgery only kept him out a month, while his hand injury is expected to have him miss eight weeks.

“Obviously I can’t use my left arm as much as I would like to but I’ll still be able to do some ball handling on the court and be dominant with my right hand quite a bit, but keep my legs underneath me for when I do get back,” Love said, per “It will be very meaningful to get back as quickly as I can. I’m not rushing it but when the doctors say I’m good to go I’ll be able to get out there.”