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LeBron James thinks the Cavs should be taken off national television

His comments came after the Cavs lost another primetime game.

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

After the Cavs lost to the Rockets on Saturday, Cleveland fell to 0-8 on the season in nationally televised games. And if it were up to LeBron James, the Cavs would be off national television moving forward.

“I’m lost for words, actually,” James said, per ESPN, in reference to the Cavs’ losing streak. “They should take us off every nationally televised game for the rest of the season. We haven’t played good ball and we get our butts kicked every time we play on national television, so I’m at a loss for words.”

That, of course, isn’t going to happen — LeBron’s teams draw ratings, even when they are playing this bad. What James is hitting at here is that the Cavs aren’t up to that standard of play. It’s something that is clearly wearing on him, and the rest of the team, without any simple fixes available. Playing harder would help, but that isn’t likely to solve every issue.

The Cavs next play on national TV on Wednesday against the Timberwolves, who are currently the No. 4 seed in the Western Conference.