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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic player grades

This team stinks, huh.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s like they go out of their way to be terrible.

LeBron James: D+

LeBron, as he has done over the course of this horrible stretch, managed to put up numbers while failing to come through for large stretches as games fell out of the Cavaliers hands.

Isaiah Thomas: D-

Thomas was a tire fire on defense and suffered through another woefully inefficient night from the field. He is so actively harmful to the Cavaliers right now, and it’s hard to say what they can do about it short of benching him.

Tristan Thompson: D+

Thompson had a good first quarter and was able to finish at the rim fairly well. Almost all progress made as a switchable and useful rim protector has been completely lost, it seems. He does not appear to do anything to anchor the Cavaliers defense.

J.R. Smith: C-

Smith had a lovely first quarter, hitting several threes. From that point on, he was a complete and total non-factor and was part of the Cavalier contingent that made Jonathon Simmons look like a hall-of-famer.

Jae Crowder: D

“What would you say ya do here?”

Kyle Korver: C+

Korver hit a couple threes and played solid defense in his 22 minutes. He at least showed a pulse in the second half as the game got out of hand yet again.

Channing Frye: C

Frye didn’t play in the first half and it seemed as though the team might have been holding him out for trade rumor purposes. He was just okay in second half action, but it’s probably fair to wonder if he was slightly out of rhythm.

Dwyane Wade: B-

Wade was one of the only players on the Cavs to have a positive output. He wasn’t great on defense, but he scored decently effectively while only finishing as a -1 for the game.

Derrick Rose: F

Rose went 0-7 from the field. It felt like 0-70.

Jeff Green: B-

Green was fine in this one, and actually found his way into the paint for a couple nice dunks, something that had been missing from his game as of late. Hard to get too great of a grade while the other team scores with impunity in the meantime.