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Kendrick Perkins may join Cavaliers after trade deadline

The veteran big man is currently with the Canton Charge.

NBA G-League Showcase - Canton Charge v Northern Arizona Suns Photo by AJ Messier/NBAE via Getty Images

With roster spots now opening up, the Cavs may turn to a familiar face.

According to The New York Times’ Marc Stein, there is a “strong expectation” that the Cavs will add Kendrick Perkins after the trade deadline. The veteran center is currently with the Canton Charge, the Cavs’ G-League affiliate.

Perkins hasn’t played much for the Charge this season, but he has made some visits to the Cavs’ locker room this season and in contact with players in the locker room. Where he join Cleveland’s roster, he would likely help fill a role vacated by Channing Frye’s departure.

Barring any more trades, the Cavs have opened up two roster spots with their trades today, with six players going out and four coming in.