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LeBron James shoots down rumors of him visiting Philadelphia schools

James talked about it at the Cavs’ Thursday shootaround.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Stay thirsty, NBA franchises. Following the appearance of three billboards outside of Cleveland Ohio, Sixers TV analyst Alaa Abdelnaby went on the radio and stated LeBron James looked at Philadelphia private schools over the All-Star break:

“I’ve told this to a few other people, and I have no problem saying this,” Abdelnaby said on Philly Sports Talk. “My brother lives in the Philadelphia area and he told me that LeBron, last week through a superintendent, was in the area checking out some private schools during the All-Star break.”

At Thursday’s shootaround, LeBron was asked about this latest rumor:

“Pennsylvania? Nah,” he said. “What are you talking about? Over the All-Star break I was on vacation and then went to Los Angeles.”

Quotes via ESPN

I’m a little surprised the report was even brought up to LeBron, as the whole thing seemed flimsy. If he was in Philadelphia, I would assume it had something to do with his foundation.

But for someone that Instagrams almost every move he makes, and is one of the most recognizable people in North America, I would assume there would have been some evidence of such a trip.