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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers player grades

LeBron James and Larry Nance Jr. were the two main standouts.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Player grades for Thursday’s Cavs-76ers game.

LeBron James: B+

James was mostly very good on offense and was robbed of a few assists down the stretch. But he took a few bad shots in the fourth when the game was close and was not particularly engaged on defense at any point in the game.

Rodney Hood: C

Starting in place of J.R. Smith, Hood wasn’t as aggressive as Tyronn Lue would have liked him to be. A better shooting night from him — 1-5 from three wasn’t cutting it — would have gone a long way too.

Cedi Osman: C-

Osman started off strong with two first quarter three-pointers, but picked up four fouls in just 15 minutes. If a rookie wall is a real thing, Osman is running right into it right now at full speed.

Tristan Thompson: C-

Thompson was relegated to the bench in the second half due to Larry Nance’s strong play and had a few bad shot attempts when he was on the floor. Eleven rebounds and a some solid screen setting to force the switches the Cavs wanted were his only saving graces.

George HIll: D

After shooting 3-4 from three against the Nets, Hill was 0-4 against the 76ers. He didn’t benefit from some unlucky bounces, but misses are misses.

Larry Nance Jr.: B+

Nance offered far more energy than Thompson and battled Embiid about as well as the Cavs could have asked him too. When Embiid sealed the 76ers’ win late, there was nothing Nance could have really done to stop that shot from going off.

Jordan Clarkson: B-

Clarkson’s points helped off the bench on a night where Hill struggled, but he was also miscast as a primary ball handler on bench units. It’ll be interesting to see how he and Kevin Love play together once Love returns.

Kyle Korver: B

Here’s how seriously the 76ers took Korver: At times, they used Embiid — who might win defensive player of the year - to chase Korver around and prevent him from getting any clean three-point attempts off. And when he did get shots off, Korver did help keep the game close.

Jeff Green: D-

Green is black hole on offense and does not seem to have found his rooting on the Cavs’ remade roster.