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Kevin Love suffered panic attack in Jan. 20 loss to Thunder

Love suffered a second panic attack this season in January.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

By now you’ve probably seen Kevin Love’s brave piece in the Players Tribune. Love put a face to a common issue that many suffer from by opening up about his issues with anxiety and how he has worked on improving himself after suffering a panic attack.

While his essay only addressed a panic attack suffered against the Atlanta Hawks, ESPN is now reporting that he also suffered one in the Cavs January loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Sources familiar with the meeting told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin that Love disclosed to his teammates that he had suffered another panic attack during the loss to the Thunder. Love did not address the January panic attack or the team’s reaction in his Players’ Tribune piece.

It’s important to remember that the source of the locker room meeting that took place after that game was a lack of communication. Love’s absence wasn’t explained to his teammates, and that served as a launching point into a session where various grievances were aired.

One would hope that he was well received by his teammates after explaining what he went through. But at this point it would be reckless to speculate one way or another.

Since Love’s essay came out, it has been met with a tremendous outpouring of support. Including this tweet from LeBron James:

Sports are often plagued with a toxic definition of what masculinity is, and in the past issues with mental health have been handled poorly. With DeMar DeRozan, and now Love, speaking up about these issues and being met with such overwhelming support, it seems like the stigma surrounding mental health issues is being eroded.