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Kevin Love says he’s ‘overwhelmed’ by support after writing about his panic attack

Love revealed yesterday that he suffered a panic attacking during a game earlier this season.

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Kevin says he’s “overwhelmed” by the support he’s received after disclosing he suffered a panic attack in a game earlier this season in a Players’ Tribune article posted on Tuesday.

“I think one of those reasons is mental health doesn’t discriminate,” Love said on Wednesday, per “It affects really each and every one of us. I mention it all in the article and the headline of it is that -- ’Everybody is going through something.’

”So I think whether it was talking to Kyle [Korver] about parenting his kids and how he has two young boys or just talking to LeBron. He shook my hand and said ‘You helped a lot of people today.’ That’s what’s big. Just them even acknowledging that and retweeting that and just breathing more life into it is just huge.”

He added that the recent shooting at Parkland High School pushed him to speak out.

“I think mental health plays such a big part in all of this and I think that’s pretty apparent,” he said, per “So I think it’s very therapeutic and a lot of people will step up and, I’m not going to say ‘do the right thing,’ but tell their stories in order to help the next person so in a lot of ways it’s paying it forward.”

Love also shot down reports that he had a panic attacking on Jan. 20 when the Cavs faced the Thunder - better known as the game he left sick during - and that it was simply illness that forced him to leave that game. He did, however, say his panic attack was talked about during the Cavs’ infamous team meeting on Jan. 22.

“That was just me being sick,” Love said, per “That wasn’t anything that had to do with a panic attack. But, the meeting that followed, was one of the things that was brought up was Ty Lue had mentioned the panic attack earlier in the season and I wasn’t aware how many people knew. I kind of buried it, put it off to the side and that kind of started a big push in the back to why I wanted to write this article.”