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Cavs waiting for Kyle Korver to be completely healthy

The shooting guard is back with the team, but is not yet returning to the court.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver is back with the Cavaliers, but missed his seventh consecutive game on Sunday. And while Korver did miss time after the death of his brother, its a foot bruise currently keeping him off the court.

According to, Korver is still dealing with a bruise on his right foot that he suffered before leaving the team. The Cavs also are not going to play Korver again until he’s completely healthy.

“I don’t know how bad it is, I was just told that the foot was still a little sore and we just felt just giving him a couple days off ... may help him,” Cavs acting coach Larry Drew said, per “He’s being evaluated every day and he knows the tolerance and soreness of pain is concerned. Right now, we would like to have him back, but if there is any chance where the foot can get sore, at this stage of the season we don’t want to take that chance. We would rather him sit out and get him completely healthy. We’ll allow him all the time he needs to get the soreness out the foot and when he gets back we’ll (welcome him) with open arms.”

Taking it slow with Korver makes sense, as they’ll need him in the playoffs and he could even start at shooting guard when everyone is healthy. But there are just five games left in the regular seasons and getting the team minutes together before the first round starts would be a positive.