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Nick Gilbert to represent Cavaliers at draft lottery

For the fifth time, the Cavs’ lucky charm will represent the franchise.

At this year’s draft lottery, the Cavaliers will be represented by a familiar face.

On Sunday at Game 7, owner Dan Gilbert sent out a tweet announcing that his son, Nick, would be attending this year’s draft lottery on behalf of the Cavs.

It’ll be the fifth time Nick has represented the team. He was there in 2011 when the team had the Clippers pick and it turned into the No. 1 overall pick (which became Kyrie Irving) and again in 2013 when the team landed the No. 1 pick and it turned into Anthony Bennett. When the team landed the No. 1 overall pick in 2014, then-GM David Griffin represented the team.

Nick was born with neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes noncancerous tumors to grow throughout the body and underwent brain surgery in February to treat the issue.

This year’s NBA draft lottery takes place on May 15 — two days after a possible Game 7 between the Cavs and Raptors.