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George Hill out against 76ers

The Cavs may be without a point guard again on Friday.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The number of potential regular season games the Cleveland Cavaliers can play with a full roster is down to two. George Hill will once again be sidelined as the Cavs take on the Philadelphia 76ers with the three seed on the line.

Hill’s ankle is not healthy enough for him to play in Philadelphia Friday night. In addition to his absence, the status of Jose Calderon is still to be determined as he deals with hamstring soreness:

As has been the case in recent seasons, the fans probably care about seeding far more than the team. Health has been the priority for the Cavs as they get closer to the post-season, and they are clearly taking a cautious approach when it comes Friday’s game.

The absence of a point guard really hurt the Cavs against the Washington Wizards, so the status of Calderon is incredibly important to this matchup.

If the Cavs win, they gain control of their destiny when it comes to obtaining the No. 3 seed. If they lose, the Sixers are in the driver seat.